We are about to enter a season of change, as summer winds down and fall begins.  Whether you’re getting married, purchasing a new house, or getting ready to downsize… life’s big milestones often come with new financial priorities as well.  Having an insurance agent who can help you understand what these changes mean for your insurance needs makes all the difference.

Here are the top ten reasons to call your insurance agent:

  1. You’re getting married (or divorced).  Making sure your spouse-to-be is protected by your insurance, putting both names on an auto policy, insuring a new home, purchasing insurance for that sparkly engagement ring-there are many things worth discussing with your insurance agent as you make your way down the aisle.  Alternatively, your insurance will need changed if you’re going through a divorce.  You don’t have to wait until after you get married to combine insurance (and take advantage of that discount!)
  2. You’re moving.  A new house or apartment will need new coverage.  Additionally, you’ll want to take a look at your current insurance policies to make the necessary changes.  No two homes are alike, so neither should your insurance coverage be when changing homes. 
  3. You’re having a baby.  Congratulations!  Whether it’s your first or your third child, a new family member is a reason to review your life insurance coverage. 
  4. You’re purchasing a new car.  Like a new house or apartment, a new vehicle means you’ll need to update your auto insurance policy accordingly.  If you’re making a major upgrade in cars this will require a closer look than simply swapping the VINs.  Instead, you’ll want to review the coverages.
  5. Purchase of a new home or property.  Vacation homes, rental properties, cabins and more will require insurance.  Give us a call to discuss any new properties or changes to existing properties.
  6. Remodeling and home improvement.  Home improvement increased dramatically last year, and significant remodeling or upgrades to your home should be reviewed by your insurance agent so that they can adjust the amount of insurance on your home.  Whether you finished your basement or enhanced your backyard with a swimming pool, your home will likely require a change in your dwelling coverage amount on the home.
  7. New valuable property.  If you purchased any new jewelry, fine art, musical instruments, antiques, or other high value items, you might need special personal property coverage.  Depending on your situation an inland marine or personal articles floater policy may be the route to go. 
  8. You’re about to start a new job.  Telecommuting changed the workforce as we see it, and many of those changes are permanent.  If you are no longer commuting to work the usage for your vehicle, and annual mileage, can drastically change.  Additionally, if your new job comes with a new salary, you may need extra life insurance protection. 
  9. Higher education.  You worked hard to earn your Masters, and you deserve a discount!  Adding a higher level of education provides a discount with many insurance companies.  
  10. Refinancing your mortgage or auto loan.  Claims payments can get confusing if your old lender is still listed on your policy.  Learn why it’s important to tell your agent if you have a new lender by giving us a call today.

Even if you haven’t experienced a major milestone in life, it’s still a good idea to check in with your insurance agent.  We can give you a quick checkup to make sure your coverage is still sized right of your life.

Any questions?  Email kate@fdinsurancegroup.com