Fires in your home can devastate both your family and property alike.  Increase your fire preparedness with basic fire safety and prevention tips. 

Simple fire prevention can help protect your home no matter what kind of house you live in.  The information provided by one of our companies, Foremost Insurance Group, will help you decrease the chance of having a fire in your home. 

Because an ounce of home fire prevention could be worth a life, it’s important to take steps to prepare, like practicing fire drills, checking the battery in your smoke detectors, and being careful not to overload electrical circuits.  Review your home for potential fire hazards, like the clothes dryer, electrical blankets, and checking for out-of-date equipment. 

Each year, firefighters across the country respond to over 13,000 home fires caused by clothes dryers, according to the National Fire Protection Association.  About 27 percent of these fires are caused by an accumulation of lint. Four simple tips from Consumer Reports’ experts will help you prevent dryer fires and minimize risks. 

  1. Clean the Lint Filter
  2. Replace Accordion-Style Ducts
  3. Clean the Dryer Duct Annual (at Least)
  4. Handle Chemical Stains With Care

Have you noticed it’s taking longer than normal for your clothes to dry?  If so, it means it’s time to clean lint out of the vent pipe. 

Small measures can be taken to prevent loss, and we’re here to help you mitigate your risk.  Give us a call at 724-575-7237 to begin a conversation on fire safety and prevention. 

For more tips on how to prepare for emergencies, take a look at home fire safety from the American Red Cross.