With inflation and rising prices it’s important to take advantage of all available discounts to lower your insurance costs.  The insurance industry is not immune to rising costs and rates are unfortunately on the rise.  At Ferri Dawson Insurance Group we have been carefully reviewing policy renewals and recommending clients consider the discounts available to them. 

In the state of Pennsylvania, drivers 55 and older can complete a Seniors For Safe Driving session to qualify for a reduced car insurance premium. Seniors For Save Driving is a Pennsylvania based company that has been presenting the PennDOT approved Mature Driver Improvement Course since 1994.  Their mission is to provide insight about driving on today’s roadways and help older drivers understand how aging affects driving abilities. 

During the course, information is provided on: rules of the road; defensive driving tactics; Pennsylvania motor vehicle laws; and more.  Upon completion of the course students receive a certificate to provide to your insurance company.  With this course completion you will receive a multi-year discount on your auto insurance. 

Courses are offered throughout the year with both online and classroom locations throughout the state. 

We have received excellent feedback from clients who completed the course and received considerable discounts on their auto insurance.  If you have any questions on how this discount would affect your insurance premium, please give us a call at 724-575-7237.

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