Taylor Gallagher joined FDIG last fall and has been introducing herself to our clients. In February, she passed the pre-licensing exam and obtained her Property & Casualty Insurance License. No simple feat, her hard work paid off and she passed the exam on her first try! 

We’re taking this opportunity to introduce you to Taylor, and explain what motivated her to embark on a career in the insurance industry.

We sat down with Taylor for a quick chat about how her first few months have gone at FDIG.

You have worked in a handful of different jobs before landing in insurance. Tell us about your career path, how you ended up at FDIG, and how it prepared you?

I have had many various jobs over the years; all that I feel have prepared me for my career in the insurance industry. Working with children definitely taught me patience. Working with patients who were leaving the hospital and coordinating equipment for them to transition back to their home, I learned the value of communication. The service industry, serving as a bartender for nearly 10 years, has been the most impactful. Serving the public teaches you an immense amount about how you want to present yourself and how people perceive you. I wholeheartedly believe that every step I have taken in the working world was preparation for me to be here servicing, helping, and educating the public.

When Kate started her business, I considered myself her biggest fan, while still being clueless about insurance. Over time I began to understand more of what Kate does and how she is so unlike anyone else in the industry.  Her care and passion for clients, transparency and honesty is unmatched. I knew based off our similar personalities and like-mindedness that the culture of the agency would also be a perfect fit for me.

What is the best part of your new career? What has been the most interesting part of the licensing process?

Truthfully, the best part of my job is educating. I want to say my favorite part is helping people – which I love – but if I strip it down further; I love teaching the importance of valuable coverage.  I think this is because I did not fully understand it myself. I know there are many consumers out there who like me genuinely do not know how impactful an insurance policy can be.

The exam to obtain my insurance license was my biggest fear. Stepping out of your comfort zone to take a leap can be scary. The process was long and daunting, but oh, so worth it! I studied the materials, listened to podcasts, and read articles. I put in the work and the most exciting part of all was seeing my work pay off. I passed my exam on the first attempt, and to me that was my sign that I am where I am supposed to be.  

Looking ahead, what is next for you in the industry?

My next steps are to continue to build a dependable relationship with current and new clients, to serve them best and make sure all their needs are met. The way we operate at FDIG is unlike any other agency; we are built on a foundation of mutual trust. I will continue to provide peace of mind and protection to our current and potential clients. I am passionate about this industry and will continue to work diligently to grow our agency, helping one customer at a time.

What keeps you busy outside of work?

I manage to keep very busy, whether it is serving delicious craft beers at Yellow Bridge Brewing, coaching volleyball, or playing with my two puggles, Jax and Tato. My wife Maeve and I enjoy playing a round of cards, or spending time with our friends, family and loved ones.