Kate Ferri Dawson, principle agent at Ferri Dawson Insurance Group, recently was awarded the designation of Certified Professional Insurance Agent (CPIA), a professional designation conferred by the American Insurance Marketing and Sales Society (the AIMS Society).

Dawson successfully completed three Insurance Success Seminars.  The CPIA designation stands for professionalism, commitment to sales training and results, and technical knowledge.  The designation does require a bi-annual continuing education update. 

The Insurance Success Seminars have been very highly rated, both by insurance agency staff who have obtained the designation as well as participating company representatives.

  • Position for Success (CPIA 1) assists participants in implementing risk identification strategies and systems that will prevent errors and omissions during the insurance prospecting process.
  • Implement for Success (CPIA 2) focuses on the development of the technical knowledge and skills needed to design a complete, yet innovative, insurance program for prospective clients. Participants will leave with detailed information for providing solutions that benefit consumers in the complex insurance marketplace.
  • Sustain Success (CPIA 3) provides participants with specific methods for maintaining high legal and ethical standards of operation while developing the agent-client relationship.

The AIMS Society is the only insurance organization dedicated solely to recognizing training and service quality among property and casualty insurance personnel. The mission of the AIMS Society is to improve the selling skills and insurance knowledge of its members by upgrading professionalism through information and education, which will result in providing better service to the insurance-buying public.

Regarding the designation, Dawson remarked, “The CPIA designation is the first of its kind, and the training enhanced my ability to efficiently create and distribute effective insurance programs.  Discussing consumer expectations and understanding  in CPIA 1 allowed me to step back and put myself in the chair of the customer – viewing insurance from their point of view.  CPIA 2 provided specific tools for analyzing consumer needs, strengthening my skill of utilizing risk identification techniques to gather pertinent information to review the risk.  CPIA 3 focused on fulfilling the implied promises contained in the insuring agreement.  Insurance is a promise, and through this course I sharpened the tools in my toolbox to strengthen relationships with current clients.”

For more information about Insurance Success Seminars, the CPIA designation program or membership in the AIMS Society, contact the AIMS Society national office at 877-674-CPIA (2742) or visit www.aimssociety.org.