With the challenges of inflation and rising prices, it’s important to us to help our clients examine all avenues to keep their insurance rate down. One of the ways you can do this is to consider a separate roadside assistance program to help you save on your auto insurance. The insurance industry is not immune to rising costs and in fact has been affected more than other industries, and insurance rates are unfortunately reflecting this.

At Ferri Dawson Insurance Group, we have been proactively reviewing insurance renewals and recommending clients consider all discounts available to them. At the beginning of the year we brought in Marla, who was hired to manage our customer renewals. In the past we have sent communication to every eligible client offering the Seniors For Save Driving Course which provides a discount on your auto insurance. 

We are now contacting clients to ask if they have an active AAA membership. With all initial insurance reviews with prospective clients, we inquire about any roadside assistance program they may be participating in. We often find customers are paying for both a AAA membership and roadside assistance/towing on their auto insurance. Now we are suggesting clients consider separating their risk by purchasing a AAA membership for roadside assistance rather than opting for the roadside/towing feature on their auto insurance. Using the roadside feature on your auto insurance for a small towing reimbursement may result in the removal of a claim free discount, and can impact your insurance rate negatively. In this market, claims are weighed more heavily than they have in the past. This is another factor in our guidance to keep towing separate from your insurance.

For additional ways to save on your car insurance, take a look at another article on our website: Ways to Save on Auto Insurance

To verify whether you have towing on your auto policy or request an insurance review, please give us a call at 724-575-7237, or submit a quote request to work with one of our agents.