A significant upside to working with an insurance agent is benefiting from their insight on risk management.  There are many common risks that come with homeownership that every homeowner – or potential buyer – should be made aware of.  More specifically, while some risks are common, and all homeowners should be aware of, but risk mitigation should be tailored to you and your individual situation. No two homes are identical, therefore risks aren’t exactly alike either. Risk mitigation, like your insurance coverage, should be customized and tailored to meet your needs.

From weather damage to liability risks, one of our companies, Arrowhead shared Top Homeowners Risks (and Tips on How to Lower Them).

Some risks are easier to avoid than others, but here are a few steps you can take to lower them:

  • Get recommendations on an agent
  • Buy policies for home and auto from the same insurer
  • Improve security
  • Maintain credit score
  • Look for other discounts

For a list of holiday hazards to avoid this year, — take a look at this article from our website… 


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