April showers bring May flowers, but water damage can do more than cause unsightly stains in your home.  Whether caused by leaks or condensation, water damage can cause permanent structural damage to the home. 

One of our companies, Foremost Insurance Group published tips for preventing water damage to your home.

Now that the snow has melted, check your roof for wind or hail damage, corrosion or deterioration.  Inspect the roof for punctures, cracks or breaks.  Each year, clean and inspect rain gutters and downspouts for leaks or holes. 

Water can penetrate outside walls, doors and windows if they’re not maintained regularly, so inspect them each spring and fall for unusual wear or tear.  Check your exterior siding to repair or replace punctured siding. 

Good preventative maintenance can help eliminate many moisture problems.  Make sure your dryer is vented to the outside.  Fixing leaky faucets and dripping toilets to stay on top of home maintenance. 

Inside the home, look for discolored floor covering or sub floors – as this is usually a sign of a leak.  Water stains and wetness are often caused by damaged or loose plumbing fixtures. 

Keep your home in top condition by preventative maintenance and enjoy your home for years to come!

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