Kate Dawson, an alumnus of Penn-Trafford High School, was invited to present to the Media & Literacy class for their annual series of career speakers.  Community members and alumni were tapped to give career presentations to any high school students who wished to attend. 

Kate spoke of her insurance journey: how her introduction to the industry began on the claims side working with relocation housing.  She explained the differences between being a captive and independent insurance agent, and her time spent with different agencies as both.  She explained the importance of insurance – beyond the limits you are legally required to carry.  She also gave insight on what she loves about the industry and the incredible room for growth for the next generation. 

According to the US Chamber of Commerce, over the next 15 years, 50% of the current insurance workforce will retire, opening up more than 400,000 positions in an industry where less than 25% of the workforce is under the age of 35.  Last month was National Insurance Awareness Day – a day that might be observed by spreading awareness of insurance as a career opportunity. 

Kate stated, “I think about the agents that have not yet joined the industry.  They are the future of the insurance industry.  And I’m worried that they won’t join the field.  Because so much of what they see is too representative of what it used to be and not enough of what it could be.  It’s so important for me, personally, to represent what it could be.” 

“We’re not going to change this institution in my lifetime, but I can change the way I show up in it and thrive despite it.  I’m representing the industry the way I want to see it – the way I would hope to see it evolve in future generations.” 

“The insurance industry is largely overlooked.  Over my tenure as an agent I’ve had many conversations, discovering people wind up in this industry one of two ways: they’re born into it or they somehow fall into it.  It may not be glamourous, and it is not for everyone – but I love it and I’m passionate about what it allows me.  Each day I get to help people, I’m meeting people from all walks of life, I’m guiding people.  I’m taking the time to help them protect their assets and their livelihood.  I’m providing peace of mind.” 

Due to COVID restrictions, the speakers participated via video meetings rather than in person. 

For a full list of participants and more details on the Career Speaker Series, view the article in the Penn-Trafford Star.