Spring has arrived in our area and with it comes the return of motorcycles on the roadway.  Not all bikes are the same – and insurance isn’t either. Before getting your bike out for the year, it may be a good time to determine is your motorcycle coverage the right fit.

Selecting good motorcycle insurance is more than choosing between comp and collision or liability-only. Here are four questions to consider about coverages and options before you renew your policy or switch to new coverage.

  1. 1. What is your health insurance like?

We’ve all experienced big changes in the last few years with health care.  If your policy has a high deductible and you need an x-ray you’ll likely pay out-of-pocket. 

Medical payments (or Med Pay) may be worth considering.  The typical $500 limit should be enough to cover smaller medical bills and it does not cost much to bump up to a higher limit.  You may also want to consider uninsured and underinsured motorist (UM/UIM) protection also.  That covers larger medical costs as well as repairs or bike replacement if you’re left with the bill from an at-fault driver without sufficient insurance.

  1. 2. Do you take longer road trips?

If so, you’ll want to consider:

  • Rental coverage – This endorsement covers the cost of a rental to finish the trip or get you home.
  • Towing and emergency assistance – Coverage for the reimbursement of some of these costs.
  • Travel loss reimbursement – This can cover your room, dinner, and a ride-share after an accident.
  • Trailer coverage – Separate coverage can be added for damage to your bike trailer.
  1. 3. Do you ride year-round?

In much of the country, riding is a seasonal activity.  It can be tempting to save money by canceling your policy when you put your bike in storage for the winter.  However, it can still be stolen, vandalized, or damaged – and by canceling the policy you are dropping that important coverage.  We strongly recommend year-round coverage for your bike.

  1. 4. Does your wingman have a fuzzy face?

Coverage for injury to your dog or pet is a newer option that is available with several motorcycle insurance companies. 

Your motorcycle insurance policy can change from year to year, much like your driving habits or bike route.  Like all of your insurance coverage, it should be in the hands of an agent you trust, and reviewed periodically.  To discuss your motorcycle insurance or obtain a free review, call 724-575-7237.

Source: American Modern Insurance