Insurance is not just for your home and auto, but it’s important to be sure you have enough insurance for valuable jewelry such as rings and watches. 

This article from Safeco will outline some important things to consider to be sure you have enough insurance to replace your jewelry.

Looking at a new piece of jewelry? Make sure to look at your insurance, too | Safeco Blog

Whether it’s a gift from someone special or a gift to yourself, a new piece of jewelry can bring some sparkle to your life. However, many people who find themselves victimized by burglars-or worse, a fire or some other disaster-also find out too late that they didn’t have enough insurance to replace their jewelry.

Jewelry can be one of your most prized possessions, and there are several options to make sure you get the right coverage.  Give us a call at 724-575-7237 with any questions on how we can help you insure your treasured jewelry!