As we come out of the winter and into spring, risk of encountering certain viruses like the common cold or flu can lesson, while seasonal allergies can aggravate your immune system.

The good news: there are steps you can take to stay well! 

MetLife shared, Wellness Year Round – How to Stay Healthy as the Seasons Change encouraging you to focus on self-care to stay one step ahead and be healthier year-round. 

With a bit of reorganization, you can free up enough time to relax, and spend time on the things you want to do.

20 Great Ways to Make More Time for Yourself:

  • Learn to delegate
  • Just say no
  • File your life away with a clear desk policy
  • Buy items in bulk
  • Use the same (secure) password
  • Manage your email
  • Cut out cold callers
  • Switch to internet banking
  • Shop online
  • Keep a basket by your front door with items to be returned
  • Send a quick text to a different friend each day
  • Shut down your digital devices
  • Spend five minutes a day doing something you enjoy
  • Breathe deeply (or take up yoga!)
  • Use a pillbox
  • Practice being mindful
  • Sign up for paypal to buy online without searching for credit card info
  • Down-size your tasks to see if you can trim down your weekly tasks

Making small changes to free up your schedule can open your calendar to more time to do the things you enjoy in life.  As we head into a new season, focus on simple tasks you can do to approach the season with a fresh outlook.