According to research from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, swimming pool installers are estimating a 200% bump over 2019 sales of swimming pools. 

A backyard swimming pool is absolutely something to discuss with your insurance agent.  Looking to have one installed?  Your agent should work with you to increase the amount of insurance on your homeowners to cover the investment and increase in value to your home.  Also, your agent should be offering and educating you on an umbrella policy.  A personal umbrella policy provides extra liability insurance for auto and home owners. 

Is the liability insurance you have on your home policy enough to cover your assets?  A mishap on your property or in your swimming pool could trigger a costly claim in excess of the liability insurance coverage you have on your home. 

What is umbrella insurance?  Umbrella insurance is a critical part of your overall risk management plan because it provides an additional layer of personal liability protection when you need it.  A single policy covers all underlying policies you own (your home, but also auto, motorcycle, etc.) and kicks in if the liability limits on these policies are exhausted.  If a policyholder is sued for damages that exceed the liability limits of car insurance, homeowners insurance, or other coverage types, an umbrella policy helps pay what they owe.  Without an umbrella policy, your assets, savings, and even future income could be in danger because you could be required to pay all costs over your policy’s liability limit. 

At Ferri Dawson Insurance group, we offer umbrella polices for less than a dollar a day – a small price to pay for the peace of mind that you and your family are properly protected.   

For more information about umbrella policies, click the link below.

To view the article from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, click this link:

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